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Kunci Gitar Superman Is Dead Beyond This Honesty

Kata Kunci : Kunci Gitar Superman Is Dead Beyond This Honesty. Search : Chord Gitar Superman Is Dead Kuta Rock City. If there are errors in the lyrics and Kunci Gitar Superman Is Dead Beyond This Honesty please be advised. Berikut Kord Kunci Gitar, Tab (TABLATURE) dan Lirik Lagu / Chord Guitar and Lyrics Hits Superman Is Dead dengan judul Beyond This Honesty :

Chord Superman Is Dead Acak :
Foto Superman Is Dead Beyond This Honesty SID

Chord Guitar Superman Is Dead

Chord Superman Is Dead Beyond This Honesty :

A5               E5 
When I found the love it’s seem so hard,
           F#5              D5
To make it close here in my heart
A5               E5
Break the single day out of my time,
             F#5               D5
But then the good things never come
Oh feel my heart,
It’s gonna blow by one two three
      F#5         E5      D5
But I got nothing much to lose
Send back the dime,
Won’t ease the pain ‘cos I got mine
      F#5        E5  D5
Yea I got my own misery

So I’ll say what I say,
E5                E5
And do what I do, and I will be true,
Beyond this honesty

Reff :
A5                E5       
Oh, I thought the angel will be you
F#5         D5
Oh, now you spit fire on my face
A5               E5
Oh, you start to talk like you’re god
F#5             D5
Oh, you put the stupid music on
(oh what the fuck !)

A5                E5
All the joke that used to make me laugh,
              F#5                  D5
Now it’s just dumb you said it too much
A5             E5
All the beauty came out from your face,
           F#5            D5
It doesn’t scrath my eyes again

Hi what’s your name,
Can I kiss your lips, baby I love you
       F#5          E5             D5
Wish I didn’t speak those words to you
Now I realize that you try so hard
Always put me down,
    F#5       E5       D5
Hey baby this man had enough

So just say what you say,
E5                  E5
And do what you do, It won’t be for long
Beyond this honesty

A5               E5
Oh, she bring me down about my style
F#5               D5
Oh, why don’t you burn like a barbie doll
A5                E5
Oh, she likes the macho kind a guy
F#5           D5
Oh, no wonder she act like one too
(oh what the fuck !)

Solo :
B5                D5
But at the end ..............

Chord Gitar dan Lirik Lagu Acak :
INFO : Semua Chord Gitar dan Lirik Lagu di memiliki hak cipta dari pencipta lagu masing - masing Band. Disini menampilkan Superman Is Dead dengan judul Beyond This Honesty. Beli Kaset, CD, DVD Musik Bite di Toko terdekat dan hindari pembelian dalam bentuk bajakan. Selamat mencoba Kunci Gitar Superman Is Dead SBeyond This Honesty.
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